How To Manage The Changes In Social Media & SEO

FrustrationTechnology changes in a very rapid pace for the average individual.

The TV you purchased last week is out of date in 3 months.

If that’s fast, the social media & SEO world changes on a weekly basis, if not daily.

A social network adds a new feature and Google changes the way it does search results.

Those changes can cause a change in strategy on how the various platforms are used, depending on organization goals.

People have dropped out of this field for that very reason.

This is the world people who work in digital marketing live in.

Keeping current of all of these changes is the life blood of getting ahead of the competition & the amount of information available to digest this information is borderline overwhelming it’s easy to get information overload.

Marketing Land
Search Engine Land
Social Media Today
Search Engine Watch
Moz Blog
numerous of blogs from reputable agencies such as Bruce Clay & Vertical Measures.

Over whelmed already? Not quite done.

Twitter chats: #AtomicChat, #TheSMGirl, #SEOChat, #MRcap & #SMSportsChat offer great content, conversation & networking opportunities.

CadChica’s Tuesday Ten, #SportsConf & Stone Temple Consulting (The Digital Marketing Excellence Show / The Digital Marketing Answers Show) offer great informative & active hangouts on Google+.

It’s very easy to get burned out, both daily & on the long-term due to the overload, not to mention time.

It has to be possible to cut down on the amount of information being in taken, while getting the vital information in a short amount of time.

Think about what is the kind of information that’s important for you & how much time do you have?

First step is what focus in digital is important. In this case it’s social media, analytics, with a slight familiarity of current SEO.

Strategy isn’t high on the list. While it’s good to know, but it’s very dependent on individual company, industry & goals.

Social Media Today focuses on social media & SEO strategy. Going directly to the site occasionally is good, but not vital daily.

Due to focus, SEO sites (Moz Blog, Search Engine Watch & agency blogs) are eliminated.

Unfortunately, Mashable isn’t what it used to be. Visits will still occur, but not a go-to for social media information.

Twitter chats are good for networking & industry conversation, but not necessarily required. If time allows, attend.

While hangouts are good to attend live, it’s not fully required.

I’m a sports fan, so sports & social media is a logical area of interest. The weekly Google+ Hangouts of Tuesday Ten With CadChica, & #SMSportsChat Twitter chats will be attended when time allows.

#SportsConf on Google+ Hangouts is a yearly event & will be attended, providing time allows day of event.

That leaves Marketing Land & Search Engine Land, both run by the same organization, which provides down-to-the-point & current daily news & information about all things digital marketing, particularly in social media & SEO.

The daily recap post provides a snapshot of all-things digital marketing, with links to the appropriate articles (sample).

The information they’re providing is what fits the needs, along with the time commitment.

I found myself with a clearer head, and for some reason, feel I know more.

As the saying goes, “Less is more.” That fully holds true in this case.

7 Comments on "How To Manage The Changes In Social Media & SEO"

  1. Thanks a lot for great post, I think your advices is very useful to me.

  2. Clair, I totall agree with you about how difficult it can be to keep up with social media marketing news and trends. I also want to thank you for mentioning and participating in our Twitter chat!

    Their are two other great ways to keep up …

    One is by using a good feed reader like Feedly or Flipboard. Choose your favorite news sources and add them to your reader. The first thing I do every morning is skim those sources.

    The other is podcasts.
    (Full disclosure: I have two podcasts.) As a busy person, I needed a way to almost absorb the news because I could easily spend hours a day reading articles. I turned to podcasts because I could listen while working, driving, cooking dinner, doing chores or out for a run. It didn’t matter what my hands and eyes were doing as long as I could listen.

    A few good social media news podcasts, other than my own, are Social Pros Podcast with Jay Baer and The BeanCast with Bob Knorpp. Give podcasts a shot. You’ll be glad you did!

  3. Stephen,

    Thank you for your comment & glad I can be of help.

    What do you do to keep current with what’s going on? What sources do you look at & how often?

  4. BJ,

    Thanks for reading & your comment.

    Nice to meet you on the Twitter chat as well. I’m missing one component, the hangout. I never got the URL. I was watching something on TV this past week anyway, so this week wouldn’t work.

    I will agree podcasts can be a good way of keeping up, but I’m looking for daily changes. What changes in a day can possibly change strategy suddenly or make you experiment.

    I’m not the best with keeping up on podcasts. I’ll add your podcast to my list for my gym time (one of few) & extensive travel.

  5. Nice article. Digital area is ocean and focus is most important thing for me.

  6. Thanks for the comment.

    As mentioned in the article, focus is probably the most important part. It’s the main cause for overload.

  7. Thank you for the mention! You’re the best Clair and we hope to see you next week!

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