Social Media Day 2012 In Phoenix Recap

Social Media Day 2012

Mashable’s Social Media Day 2012 in Phoenix, AZ.

Social Media Day is today, and it’s a day that has grown since its inception three years ago by Mashable.  It’s a day traditionally known for a chance for people using social media to get together to talk, and learn about social media.  Few states have declared today “Social Media Day.”

Phoenix had a day long celebration at the Ritz-Carlton.

I can tell the organizers worked hard on organizing the event, but what was organized is not what one would think of in a social media event.It consisted of lectures in the afternoon, and networking at night, which had about 40 booths from companies, and organizations selling their products and services.

I was unable to attend the lectures.  From what I have heard, it was social media & internet marketing 101, but they were very informative.  It’s great it was offered, but it would have been nice to have some more advanced lectures.

I was able to attend the nightcap. I had a fun time while I was there, but got bored quickly. I would have liked to have stayed longer, but found no reason.

I got to network with a few people & companies I have been meaning to meet.  The networking in it self was worth attending. At the sometime, I wish I made more connections, since the potential was there.  The booths drew away from a lot of conversations taking place, and very few of the booths had anything to do with social media.

  • A potato chip company giving away samples?
  • A family fun center promoting the park?
  • Hard Rock Cafe?
  • Downtown Phoenix promoting… ummm… downtown Phoenix.

A few marketing/PR agencies were present.  The sports teams were engaging social media with attendees, and my impression is they were the only ones I talking social media.

A fashion show took place, but I paid no attention to it, as I was in a conversation with a few people when it took place.

A few ideas for next year’s event:

  • A way to cater to a large group is to have 15-20 minute panel discussions on various topics and/or industries. Mingling can be done before & after (been to plenty of events in that structure & they all been very successful in networking/reconnecting/learning).
  • If you want to go through the presentation route, make it more diverse in skill level, topics & industries.
  • Have it as one “big” event during the day or night (more people maybe able to go at night).
  • Take out the booths, and make it more of an education, engaging, and networking event.  I understand the need for sponsors, but it can still be accomplished in the format suggested.
  • The internet marketing of the event could have been a lot more successful.  As someone active in social media, I had to hunt for information about the event.  I was not ware of the twitter handle and hashtag till the week of the event, and the same for the details of the event.