5 Ways NFL Sunday Ticket Online Stream Can Be Improved

Below is on NFL Sunday Ticket from 2013. For information on 2015 NFL streaming, click here.

The NFL Sunday Ticket online stream from DirecTV is a must for football fans.

It’s a feature available to people who subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, where fans can view live NFL games on Macs, PCs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

This year, anyone who purchased the NFL Madden 25th Anniversary video game for PS3 or XBOX 360 through Amazon received a free log-in to enjoy the online stream this season.

While the feature is great, some improvements can be made to make it more “fan friendly.”

iPhone - NFL Sunday Ticket

iPhone screenshot of NFL Sunday Ticket when attempting to use multiple devices to stream live games.

Watch Games Simultaneously On Multiple Devices
You can watch only on one device at a time.

It’s understandable why DirecTV & the NFL don’t want log-ins from multiple locations under one username and password.

It can still be enjoyable for the rightful username and password owner by allowing only one IP address per account at a time.

It will ensure usernames/passwords aren’t spread around and the legal owner will be able to enjoy games on all allowed devices.

Most people connect devices to in-house Wi-fi, which all devices have the same IP address.

Quadbox Stability:
It’s quite common at least one of screens in quadbox mode will freeze.

I’m sure it’s a bandwidth issue, a common issue among online streaming services, particularly NetFlix.

It’s still a growing, ever-chaging, emerging area in the technology age.

While it has matured over the past 5 years, it needs more maturing, which won’t be solved overnight.

NFL Sunday Ticket Quadbox

Quadbox view of NFL Sunday Ticket, using AirPlay, via MacBook, with the screen zoomed in.

Quadbox & Picture-In-Picture Full-screen:
I’m sure the reason for this is related to the quadbox stability suggestion, but you can’t view quadbox or picture-in-picture modes in full screen.

It takes up approximately one-third of the total screen.

Once you go in full screen mode, you can view only one game.

You can zoom-in your screen (command/fn/+ on the Mac) to have all four streams fill your screen, as pictured.

Video & Audio on Apple AirPlay:
If Apple Airplay is working correctly, both video, and audio should be sent from your iPhone or iPad to your TV or monitor.

That’s not the case with the NFL Sunday Ticket online stream.

Only the video to sent, while the audio is coming out of the iPhone or iPad..

If it’s sent from the MacBook, no issues, as the comments on the iTunes product page suggest.

While most of these are suggestions, this is an obvious bug.

Doesn’t do that with any other service.

Fantasy Tracker On Multiple Sites:
It’s close to a requirement these days, you need to have fantasy integration when serving the NFL consumer.

The online stream does have method where you can track your fantasy team, but you’re out of luck if you use ESPN or Yahoo.

Only works if you do fantasy through NFL.com.

Have you run into any of those problems? Do you have any other suggestions to improve the NFL Sunday Ticket Online streaming service. Please leave your comments below. I’d like to hear from you.