Is Vine Better Than Instagram?

The battle between Vine and Instagram has begun, when Instagram lunched video capability on it’s mobile application.

Since Vine is owned by Twitter, and Instagram is owned by Facebook, it only escalates the competition the two popular social networks.

While Vine will still be around, even with the RIP calls, Instagram will reign supreme, but not because it’s owned by Facebook.

It’s been a year since Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, with 30 million subscribers, only to increase to 130 million users since (versus 20 million Vince users).

Based on Topsy statistics, showing social networking shares, Vine user growth was steady until it became available for Android early June, when user growth increased by a third.  It plummeted overnight when Instagram introduced video.

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Social Media Shares: Instagram vs Vine (

Instagram appears to get an edge in features average users enjoy.

Vine Instagram
Clip Length 6 seconds 15 seconds
Filters None 13 different selections
Editable No Yes
Play Loop Continuous Loop Plays Once
  • Clip Length: Length of the clip of very objective, and it may depend on the purpose of the clip.  15 seconds is great for a news related item, but too long if you’re shooting a clever marketing promo. Of course, it seems most of the Vine & Instagram clips are random people having fun or trying to be clever, where is fine for 6 seconds, but can get boring after 15 seconds.
  • Filters: Filters appears to be the latest trend, thanks to Instagram photo sharing, which is a feature Vine doesn’t offer.
  • Editing: The one complaint Vine users have had is you can’t redo your clip if you’re not satisfied with it. What is complete will be uploaded. Instagram will allow you to redo shooting your clip.  If one feature won users over, it’s the editing feature.

Which application do you enjoy more, and why? Share your thoughts on this post. I’d like to hear.

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  1. Instagram is incredibly popular according to publicly released statistics, I doubt Vine will be better than it unless there is a sudden change in business strategy by one of the companies.

  2. Vine has it’s place in digital marketing (the article was talking about news organizations in particular). The one area I’ve seen success are with publishers. I end up clicking on the videos they provide often, only to realize it’s a vine. Doubt many go straight to Vine, but it’s used as an extension of Twitter. Every live streaming platform has it’s own use with an audience. The question is is it right for YOUR audience.

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